Is Cavendish right to blame Australia, or did TeamGB just stuff up?

Mark Cavendish is undoubtedly a cycling legend. But is he right to blame Australia for the UK not winning a medal in the road cycling at the London Olympics? Or did the much touted TeamGB just stuff up?
I think the latter. The Brits had 5 riders, all in red-hot form, and were deserved event favorites. And everyone feared Cavendish.
So when Australian Stuart O’Grady led a breakaway, why would the Australians help GB reel him back in? O’Grady is a proven world class cyclist, and the Australians would have backed him in once he got away from the peleton. Sure the men in green and gold stood a medal chance in a sprint finish, but a gold would mean sprint star Matt Goss outgunning Cavendish, something he was unable to do during the recent tour.
Surely the tactic from the Brits should have been to send a cyclist of their own out to join the breakaway. They didn’t, and they paid the price. Whether the rest would have allowed this to happen we’ll never know, but I think that’s where the Brits stuffed up. What do you think?



2 responses to “Is Cavendish right to blame Australia, or did TeamGB just stuff up?

  1. Can’t agree more mate! Theoretically Australia’s tactics were perfect, wear out the peloton and let other teams do chasing to leave the rest of the riders fresh for Goss’ sprint lead out. But based on the Tour’s results in a sprint finish Goss was a more certain favourite for silver than Cav was for gold.

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