Too much pressure, or is it in the best interest of the athlete?

So today the country scratches it’s head, wondering what went wrong with our much vaunted 4 by 100 metres freestyle relay team.
Maybe the guys weren’t as good as we thought? Maybe they misjudged the race? Or maybe, as many are suggesting, we, and the media especially, put too much pressure on them.
The coverage of the team, and James Magnusson in particular, was way OTT. A lot of the coverage was cringeworthy, and the use of nicknames made my skin crawl.
But before people start blaming the media, here’s a counterpoint. The OTT coverage is actually in the best interest of the athlete.
Sure it places enormous pressure on them. But all that coverage has introduced these four lads to hundreds of thousands of Australians who otherwise had probably never heard of them. This includes potential lucrative sponsors.
All the athlete needs to do to capitalise is to win, or at least look heroic (remember the original Oarsome Foursome?) Unfortunately for the freestyle relay team they did neither, and an opportunity slipped through their fingers.
What do you think?


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