Eastman gets all clear to try (again) to prove innocence

Its run for years, and cost ACT taxpayers billions. And it’s a long, long way from over. Today a judge ordered there was enough doubt in the David Eastman murder conviction to justify another inquiry. Tonight Eastman’s lawyer, who’s been sacked and re-hired by the convicted murderer more times than he can remember, will appear on ABC730 ACT to talk about the decision. Terry O’Donnell also says he knows who murdered former AFP Assistant Commissioner Colin Winchester.

Also tonight angry Collector residents will voice their strident oppostition to proposed windfarms in their neighbourhood. The footage from a recent meeting between residents and the windfarm proponents is fascinating.

Canberra is hosting a major jazz shindig at the moment. We’ll meet a couple of jazz legends, and hear their thoughts on planned cuts to the ANU school of music. We’ll also hear from one of Australia’s most famous former paralympian, who this week donated some of her treasured memorabilia in the hope there will one day be a Paralympics Hall of Fame.

It’s my final night of hosting 730 ACT tonight. In some wonderful news, Chris Kimball will return to the host’s chair next Friday. We’ve certainly missed him. I’ve enjoyed the privilege of filling in for him very much.



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