In years to come, will we recall Total Recall? Probably not

Here’s an interesting made up stat for you – total shots fired at Colin Farrell by some of the alleged top marksmen in two hours – about 30,000. Total that met their mark – one. And only just.
And that pretty well sums up Total Recall, the 2012 version. The Arnold Schwarzenegger original in 1990 drew critical acclaim. The new version benefits greatly from the new technology and film techniques which every action adventure employs now. But whizz bang fast paced action scenes can’t compensate for dodgy storylines and wooden acting.
Total Recall 2012 is set in a time when chemical warfare has made most of the planet uninhabitable. Only two islands remain chemical-free – Britain, now home to the upper class, and Australia, or ‘The Colony’ as it’s known. Not surprisingly, this is where the working class now reside. The two islands are connected by one of those high speed tube thingies. Total commute time – 17 minutes. The folk on The Colony are sick of being downtrodden, and a resistance army is taking shape. Meanwhile the corrupt rulers on Britain are eying off the colony to ease problems of overcrowding.
I haven’t seen Colin Farrell for a while. Inliked him in Phone Booth, and he’s okay here as the double spy with a doctored memory and above average bullet evasion skills. Likewise Jessica Biel as the freedom fighter/Farrell love interest does what Jessica Biel does, but no more.
For Kate Beckinsale though it’s not her greatest moment on the screen. She plays the bitter ‘wife’ of the brain-washed Farrell. Her day job though is as the knucklewoman of the corrupt ruling regime. She’s angry with seemingly everyone, which makes her character somewhat one dimensional.
Maybe I’m getting jaded by the modern day action flick. Whatever the reason, I could only manage two stars for this latest offering in a crowded field.



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