50 sleep countdown begins

It’s 50 sleeps until ACT election day and still two weeks until the official election campaign gets underway, but things are well and truly hotting up.
This week the libs and the greens both made major big money promises. Labor is keeping its powder dry. The Greens want billions to be spent building light rail in the ACT, while the Liberal Party has promised to increase public funding to private schools, with a target of 25 per cent the amount spent on government schools within eight years.
In other events Zed Seselja, supported by almost his entire assembly team, and Katy Gallagher fronted an Australian Christian Lobby forum. Only a handful of people turned out to hear Gallagher reaffirm her support for same sex marriage and Seselja restate his opposition. The Greens weren’t invited.
Across town Labor’s Simon Corbell and the Green’s Amanda Bresnan turned out at a transport forum. Much was made of the non-appearance of a Liberal Party representative.
The stakes are high. Zed Seselja’s party believes it’s best chance of winning government is taking Bresnan’s seat in Brindabella, one of the two Greens in Molonglo, and hope a Lib-friendly Chic Henry can snatch Meredith Hunter’s position in Ginninderra. Which explains why the party is playing hard ball about public appearances. It doesn’t believe the Greens should be given the same status as themselves and the ALP, and has already refused to appear at events where the Greens are given equal billing.
This, and Seselja’s promise there will be no Greens in cabinet in any coalition government he leads, signals he’s taking a crash or crash through approach to the October 20 poll.
The Greens certainly won’t be there when a live televised debate between Seselja and Gallagher is held on Wednesday September 12.
And every Friday on 666 breakfast between now and election day I’ll be moderating a debate between three party representatives on the key portfolios. We kicked off this morning with law and order, with Simon Corbell and Shane Rattenbury joining me in the studio, and Jeremy Hanson on the phone.



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