49 sleeps. And counting

A quiet day for the political parties today, but the Liberal Party is promising some knock-your-socks off announcements on Monday. So big, in fact, that it’s scheduling a ‘reverse budget’ lockup at 10am Monday morning to walk the media through the policies and the costings.
No more detail at this stage, but I’m told ‘Zed will be making major announcements across every portfolio.’ When I queried the wisdom of releasing so many major policies in one go, before the official campaign is even under way, the spokesperson assured me there would be other policy announcements at a later date.
For the first time since moving to the ACT I was doorknocked today. Not by a candidate, as such, but by a representative of a candidate. They handed me a pamphlet, and then decamped in a northerly direction. Alas, my first experience of this much loved tradition and key plank of our democracy was all over before I even had the chance to say ‘what about my footpath.’
Still, with 49 sleeps to go I’m sure there’ll be many more opportunities.


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