48 sleeps. Still

Fathers Day, an almost perfect early spring day, and some rare cross party levity on an otherwise lazy Sunday in the national capital.
The guffawing came courtesy of, who else, the anachronistic but frighteningly powerful radio squawk box, Alan Jones. Not that he was chortling. Far from it. He was, in fact, fuming that powerful women were “destroying the joint”.
Needless to say a handful of the ACT’s most powerful women – Chief Minister Katy Gallagher, Greens leader Meredith Hunter and transport spokeswoman Amanda Bresnan – took a break from “destroying the joint” to update twitter on their destructive pursuits. Follow the hashtag #destroyingthejoint to monitor their progress, and pray there’s something left of the joint when they’re finished.
This year I’ve said some pretty stupid things on the wireless. It sort of goes with the turf on breakfast radio. But I can only dream of reaching the heights of my fellow early morning riser, Alan Jones. My personal fave was his performance on the lawns of Parliament House, when he swore black and blue the coppers were stopping angry truckies at the border. Turns out they were only looking for illegal chaff bags.
Monday tomorrow. Everyone will be too busy to even think about destroying the joint.



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