47 sleeps. And policies

We go to bed in the knowledge that the ACT Liberal Party has lots of policies. But no money. Although more than the Greens.
To the policies first. The libs promised lots of exciting stuff today, and it was certainly comprehensive. Announcements about tax, property, health, transport and other stuff. All delivered in one statement, more than 47 days out from polling day.
So what’s the strategy? Stuffed if I know to be honest. The trend these days seems to be for opposition parties to release next to no policies during an election campaign, less the Government of the day with all it’s resources fact-check and then, God forbid, ridicule the promises.
And if an opposition does deem it necessary to release policies, it’s usually via a drip feed to maximise media coverage.
Zed Seselja says he wanted to put his party’s policies on the table early, because he wants voters to be in no doubt what his party stands for. This, if course, assumes voters are ready to focus on an election which is still a whole football finals season away. I may be cynical, but I reckon besides you loyal blog readers, Joe and Judy Public are trying to keep a lid on their election excitement. By completely ignoring it.
Labor and the Greens responded by asking how will you pay for it? Gallagher pointed out you can’t cut government income and promise new government spending at the same time.
But then in the next breath Gallagher also observed several of the Liberal Party’s big ticket items were in fact Labor Party policies. Which presumably they’ve costed and set money aside.
Speaking of money, the ACT Electoral Commission today rained on the Liberal Party parade by revealing what many expected – the Labor Party is well and truly cashed up for the election campaign. The ACT Labor Club is a very handy cash cow, providing nearly all of the more than $1m for the Labor Party. The Libs hate the arrangement, have tried everything possible to stop it, and will now have to sit back and watch what I’m sure will be a comprehensive Government advertising campaign.
The Libs will make do with about $650,000, mostly courtesy of a lucrative property rent deal, while the poor old Greens really are the poor old Greens, having less than $200,000 to get their message out there.



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