46 sleeps. But probably not for Aidan Chard

Aidan Chard probably doesn’t care there’s only 46 sleeps until ACT election day. His biggest worry at the moment is when will he be able to eat solids again. 20-year-old Aidan Chard had his jaw smashed in two places in a vicious unprovoked attack by six thugs in Gungahlin. He and two mates had ducked out to get a pizza and had never met their attackers. Five of the men held Aidan while the sixth punched the crap out of him. Aidan’s friends, wisely, scampered. Aidan eventually broke free and was chased to a nearby bottle shop, where he cowered until an ambulance arrived.
Why am I writing this on an election blog? Because Aidan’s father sent 666 an angry email which is sure to be pounced on six weeks out from an election.
It’s hard to blame the government of the day for the cowardly attack on Aidan, unless you want to link it to a break down in law and order or a failure of the courts.
But it’s what happened next that might resonate with some in the community, and will certainly raise the interest of opposition parties. Firstly, according to Aidan’s father, his son was left sitting in emergency at Canberra Hospital for hours, spitting blood and in obvious pain. He had to wait eight hours to see a doctor, who ordered an x-ray which confirmed a jaw broken in two places. Aidan Chard had to wait another eight hours for surgery, where they inserted three metal plates and lots of screws.
Yesterday Mr Chard went to Gungahlin Police Station and asked if the security footage from the shops where Aidan was assaulted had been saved and viewed. He was told this wouldn’t happen before at least Thursday because the investigating officer was away.
Aidan Chard’s dad is mightily pissed off. He thinks the hospital and the police have let his son down. In an election environment, it’s not a good look.


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