45 sleeps. Excitement not building

Heard an interesting rumour today. A well placed source, someone I respect, told me one of Canberra’s leading journalists had lined up an interview with opposition leader Zed Seselja to talk in more detail about his policy announcements from Monday.
The interview was confirmed, with the journo apparently planning to ask some fairly pointed questions about the Libs tax policy. Questions like “if you scrap the Government’s rates reforms, won’t that mean a lot of the less well off in the ACT will see a rate increase?”
In the end the interview didn’t happen, with Mr Seselja’s office telling the journo that “he would probably have more to say about tax policy during the election campaign.”
Now it may well be that the timing doesn’t suit the Liberal Party. Seselja certainly seemed confident of his policies on Monday, and he’s on the record that there’s no plans to cut jobs or slash services.
In any case, opposition treasury spokesman Brendan Smyth will get his chance to run the electorate through the finer detail when he joins treasurer Andrew Barr and Greens treasury spokeswoman Meredith Hunter on the 666 breakfast political panel on Friday. Then, I’m sure, everything will become much clearer.


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