43 sleeps. But who can sleep?

After a week of blogging the election count down I feel like I should award a winner. Maybe the Libs, based on their big policy announcement earlier this week. But by tonight some of their major promises were starting to look a tad flaky. The ‘labor will triple your rates’ is a good line. But the problem with overturning Andrew Barr’s tax shakeup is that means several taxes the treasurer abolished will have to be reinstated. And they’ve struggled to deal with that.
We got a preview of what the ACT will look like if the Motorists Party ends up holding the balance of power.
One of their candidates, Burl Doble, is a former One Nation member, and is running strong on law and order. The Motorists think our courts are soft, and that things need to be tougher for our prisoners.
Oh, and they’re opposed to the new Gungahlin Mosque. But only, they say, because of the possible increase in traffic. Interestingly the ACT Liberals are pinning a lot of hope on the Motorist’s Chic Henry outpolling Meredith Hunter in Ginninderra, and then supporting a Seselja government.
Six weeks to go tomorrow. Katy Gallagher will announce a multi-million dollar war on obesity in coming days. One suspects there’s still a bit of fat to be trimmed off this election bone before we all get to have our say.


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