40 sleeps. And crocodile tears

Were you moved by our major ACT electoral parties crying foul today over personal attacks by their opponents? Their concerns are justified. As I’ve written here before, the atmosphere this year has been particularly nasty.
It all began with the Labor Party pursuing Zed Seselja for mismanaging his time sheets in his office. The ALP also raised questions about Mr Seselja employing his brother-in-law in his office. The Liberal Party was fuming and swearing revenge.
They didn’t have to wait long. The hospital data scandal presented the perfect opportunity, because as we now know it involved Katy Gallagher’s sister.
This time it was the Labor Party’s turn to fume. And in the last few days it’s taken the opportunity to highlight three occasions it believes family members of Liberal MLA’s have been in the wrong.
There’s no love lost between the two major parties. That much is obvious to all. But don’t get too caught up in the crocodile tears being shed by either parties. I can tell you for a fact, both parties have been briefing and encouraging reporters to go after stories of MLA family members.
Should the media have ignored these stories? Maybe. But I actually believe in every single instance legitimate questions needed to be asked. Does that justify the background briefing being provided on opponent’s family members? You be the judge.


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