39 sleeps. Time for a debate

Not sure we’ll ever get official ratings figures for tomorrow’s ACT leaders’ debate. I’d like to think most of Canberra will be watching, not because I’m moderating, but so they can get a clear picture of the choice on offer. I expect though most Canberrans will find other things to occupy themselves. And anyway, not all the options will be on the table. Remember, because of Liberal Party objections, Greens leader Meredith Hunter hasn’t been invited to take part.
So what’s at stake for both leaders? Remember Zed Seselja has led his party into an election before. This is Katy Gallagher’s first as leader. It will also probably be Seselja’s last chance to be Chief Minister. Fail this time and he almost certainly won’t survive as leader. After all, Liberal Parties across the country are ransacking Labor Governments. And after 11 years of Labor leadership in the territory, there must be an ‘it’s time’ factor.
For Gallagher she has to prove she has what it takes and can make tough decisions. Jon Stanhope was an incredibly popular Chief Minister with strong convictions that made most of his opponents tremble. Gallagher’s style is very different, but she needs to show her tough side tomorrow. Losing government would more than likely cost her party leadership as well.


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