37 sleeps. Slogans ready

Tomorrow signals the start of the real election countdown. We are officially in caretaker mode, meaning the business of government is left to the public servants. The ministers and the government can focus on campaigning. And they’re going to need to.
One week ago no-one was asking me if I thought the Liberal Party could win. Now it’s being discussed. Why?
Well the conservatives have had a good week. More hospital problems have dragged Katy Gallagher where she doesn’t want to be. The slogan “Labor will triple your rates” is cutting through and really annoying the government, and distracting them. And then it was widely considered Zed Seselja won yesterday’s debate.
But the debate wasn’t all bad for the government. It uncovered Seselja’s discomfort with Tony Abbott. And this morning on the 666 breakfast show Andrew Barr went out of his way to label Seselja ‘Tony Abbott’s man in Canberra.’ He even listed areas where Seselja and Abbott have similar views, including anti-abortion and anti-civil unions for same-sex couples.
Seselja refused to say yesterday if he thought Abbott was popular in Canberra. Labor knows he isn’t.
Expect to hear many, many more references to Tony Abbott between now and polling day.


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