36 sleeps. Or day one

Day one, and definitely a better start to the official election campaign for Labor than their Liberal opponents. Not through anything the Government actually did; more because the Libs stumbled.
So far through the dummy campaign the Liberal Party has lashed the Government over a series of financial stuff ups, and rightly so. Forgetting to declare donations, leaving a whole column off an important treasury document (ok it was treasury’s fault, but by extension Labor was blamed) and blow outs on key infrastructure projects gave the opposition plenty of ammunition.
But today the barking dog suddenly turned, and sank it’s teeth into the butt cheeks of the Tories. The Liberal Party has been distributing an election pamphlet, promising to spend $3.6 billion on education over the next four years. Labor pounced, pointing out it had committed $4b, meaning the Libs would be slashing $100m a year from education.
So how did opposition treasury spokesman Brendan Smyth and education spokesman Steve Doszpot explain it away? Incredibly they admitted they’d left CIT out of their funding plan. They claimed it was deliberate, and that their CIT policy will be released later, but on the surface, and certainly in the eyes of the Labor Party, it looked like a big stuff up.
And there’s another looming problem for Zed Seselja’s party. Remember how I told you that post this week’s debate a leading member of the business community approached me to express concerns about Seselja’s plans to reverse Andrew Barr’s tax reforms?
Well you can now add the Master Builders Association. Asked on Alex Sloan’s 666 morning show if he was concerned about the Liberal Party’s tax plan, John Miller admitted it worried him.
Which raises an interesting question. How much consultation did the Libs carry out with their key constituents before announcing their platform? It would seem not much.

Step forward the next education minister; Labor’s Chris Bourke, Liberal’s Steve Doszpot and Greens Meredith Hunter.


One response to “36 sleeps. Or day one

  1. Ross I love your breakfast show. You make me laugh. Your timely irreverence and at times your hard hitting questions show your true value to the ABC and the Canberra people.

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