35 sleeps. Day two. Lay day

Is the second day of the official ACT election campaign too early for a lay day? Yes. But our politicians had one anyway.
There was a Labor promise of more beds, doctors and nurses at the Women and Children’s Hospital. Around the rest of the capital it was tumbleweeds.
We did learn that the Liberal Party has a new set of ads ready to roll out tomorrow. The theme? A Labor Government will triple your rates, of course. I can’t put into words how much the ALP hates that slogan, how it makes their skin crawl.
Any examination of the figures shows the Liberal claim is dubious, at best. The problem for the government is when they were once asked about the rate they told the opposition to refer to the Quinlan Report. Except the Quinlan Report does recommend a tripling of rates.
Doesn’t matter that Andrew Barr said virtually from day one he wouldn’t be adopting the Quinlan recommendation.
By the way, a couple of weeks ago I bumped into former ACT treasurer Ted Quinlan at Canberra Airport. He was on his way to Europe for a long and relaxing holiday.
Wonder if news has filtered through to the south of France of the impact he’s having on the election.

Day two – an early election lay day


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