34 sleeps. Day three. Strange bedfellows

So which party today promised trail bike riders a new racetrack through an ACT forest?
If I told you the Greens, would you be surprised? On the surface they seem like strange bedfellows, but Greens logic is that having a designated track at Pierces Creek will stop trail bike riders cutting up other pristine wilderness areas.
Anyway while Liberal and Labor have been busy trading insults and bagging each other, the Greens have been quietly going about their election business, releasing policies and staying largely out of the muck.
As they point out often, they’re the only party that has submitted all of it’s policies for costings. They’re the only party who’s actually welcomed their Federal leader onto the hustings so far. And as they were four years ago, they’re likely to be king makers next month. They will decide who will be Chief Minister.
Long time political analyst Malcolm Mackerras is predicting the Greens will lose one, possibly two seats in the ACT. He told The Australian recently it will be the start of a nation wide slide for the green vote. He says support for the left-wing party has peaked.
Which is what Zed Seselja has been saying for some time too. This explains his take-no-prisoners approach to the Greens this time round. The crash or crash through approach.
I think one problem for the Greens is that many voters struggle to tell the difference between the ALP and the Greens. There’s been plenty of examples of both parties teaming up to give the Libs a kicking, but very few examples of the Greens ripping into Labor. They will argue this underlines how effective the arrangement has been. And there can be little doubt the ACT Government has the greenest credentials in the country, with the possible exception of Tasmania.
If green representation in the ACT assembly is about to be halved, Zed Seselja needs to pick up both seats if he’s to have any chance of governing. Green bins alone won’t lure green voters across to the libs, especially as Seselja has already promised to overturn the plastic bag ban.
It should make the party’s environment policy interesting reading.



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