31 sleeps. Day 6. Rules? What rules?

One of the things about election campaigns is it’s very hard to go anywhere, and I mean anywhere, without running into a politician. So imagine my surprise and delight when I popped out to the ACT hockey presentation night this evening and ran into not one but three MLA’s and an aspiring one.
Steve Doszpot was there. So was Zed Seselja. And Andrew Barr, who I think nearly laughed when I suggested he should keep an eye on the vacant seat behind him.
There was something quite surreal about tonight. There we were in the Belconnen Labor Club, one of the main cash cows for the ALP, with Doszpot and Seselja having sewn their pockets up to avoid the temptation of pumping money into the Labor Club poker machines.
And there on every table were blue and yellow balloons – the colours of the Liberal Party! Oh, and ACT Hockey.
Anyway it was a good night. No references to rates being tripled or noses swelling in size, but lots of excitement about this weekend’s ACT hockey grand finals.
The other thing I realised today is you could walk an entire hockey team through the holes that exist in ACT election laws. I’m sure Simon Corbell is right when he says that Cabinet made a whole raft of important decisions at it’s final get together last Tuesday. And he’s technically correct to say it’s the responsibility of the government to release those policy decisions to the public ASAP.
No wonder though the Greens and the Libs were crying foul. These are government decisions, not policies. And this is the caretaker period. So for the ALP to release a report on the future of Tuggeranong, and an important environment initiative, plus a plan for a pedestrian tunnel (yes it’s the big issues) is cheeky in the extreme. But probably legal.

Your over excited blogger with squash and hockey legend, Heather McKay. Eager pollies waiting just off camera


One response to “31 sleeps. Day 6. Rules? What rules?

  1. Did any of the pollies have a working knowledge of hockey, and given our announced move to 90% renewable by 2017 or something will that include the lights for night time sport or will that be in the 10% that’s not renewable to make sure they stay on.

    And while I’m on it how is that possible, I mean is that in any way a realistic target, lets face it the biggest solar farm in the country will be in South Canberra by some time in 2014 (thats over a year to build and commission the power plant) producing a whopping 20Mw that’s along way shy of where it would need to be, not to mention the impact of the national energy market on where the energy could be sold, the reliability factor, I have seen Canberra with more than one day in a row with not a lot of sun I think its called winter from memory.

    And BTW what did it cost ActewAGL and by extension the electricity purchases of the ACT to not win the solar auction, I mean really how much did it cost ActewAGL to participate in the auction because we have to pay that bill as well as the bill for the winner don’t we?

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