29 sleeps. Day 8. Is there anybody out there?

The 666 breakfast show’s Kim Lester went down to Civic this morning to find out what the punters were thinking about the election campaign so far. It turns out not much.
Not that they disapproved; they just generally weren’t thinking about it. And didn’t seem all that interested.
While I played the audio on the brekky show Simon Corbell, Zed Seselja and Shane Rattenbury were sitting opposite me. They reacted the same way I did – with a shrug of the shoulders and a sense of disbelief.
Because our politicians work hard. And they’ve been campaigning hard. Their jobs are on the line, and they’d like the community to appreciate what they do.
The texts I got also told an interesting story. The feeling from my listeners was that people were switching off because there was too much petty politics and that it was too nasty.
I’m not sure that’s the case. I don’t know that this year is any different to past election campaigns. But I do know that this year is a real contest. It would be a shame if no-one was watching.



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