25 sleeps. Day 12. Much head scratching

With 25 sleeps to go until the ACT election, we thought we might head out onto the streets today to find out if there are still votes up for grabs.
And it seems there are. While some respondents were very clear in their voting intentions, a surprising number said they still don’t know. And probably won’t know until close to election day.
Last week a random street survey showed an alarming number of people couldn’t care less about the election. Perhaps not surprisingly, a lot of people find politics incredibly tedious and boring.
But I still believe here in Canberra the majority of voters will care eventually, be it the day before, the day of or as they walk into the polling place. I believe, or hope at least, they will spend some time thinking about where they’ll plonk their vote.
There were a couple of interesting callers this morning. As I’ve said before, talkback during elections is a very unscientific exercise. But there were callers who raised specific issues that were vote changers for them.
One was peeved with the government over the fitters workshop, another frustrated with a lack of consultation over a mental health facility in her neighbourhood. A couple thought after 11 years it was time for a change, while others thought the recent Queensland and NSW experiences made a vote for the Liberal Party a recipe for disaster.
Oh and we had one caller who thought Philip Pocock made a lot of sense.
I still think it’s going to be an extremely close election. But the accepted wisdom that majority government is highly unlikely ever again in the ACT still makes the same old same old the most likely outcome.


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