24 sleeps. Day 13. Finally a starters’ list

Tomorrow we finally learn who we can vote for in next month’s ACT election. It’s the official ‘declaration of nominations’ day, when, god willing, a surprise last-minute candidate will appear from the wilderness to set this campaign alight and lift the general public out of the quagmire that is political apathy.
Sadly I don’t think it’s going to happen. Mal Meninga has a quite handy rugby league team to run, Mark Parton seems to once again be enjoying radio, and everyone else seems to have much better things to do.
There will be a loose group of independents who will actually be running for the Pirate Party, but not officially. You might remember this group of scallywags, who actually have some serious policies, fell short by about six signatures to register as an official party.
And then after the excitement of the ‘declaration of nominations’ dies down, we’ll all enjoy the official draw for the ballot paper positions. While this already sounds incredibly sexy, here in the ACT we use the ‘Robson Rotation System’ to add to our pleasure whilst preventing any nasty little surprises in a month’s time.
What is the ‘Robson Rotation System’? I’m not glad you asked. Basically you take the apple that landed on Newton’s bonce, the bathwater that spilled from Archimedes bath, the tail from Benjamin Franklin’s kite, and throw them in a blender with the names of all the candidates and parties running in next month’s election.
Each name is removed from the blender by a slow moving loris with honey-coated paws, and ‘hey presto’, there’s a ballot paper! Simply repeat this process about 52,476 times and you’re ready to rumble.
In all seriousness, this Robson dude and his system will deliver 420 different versions of the ballot paper for Molonglo, and 60 different versions for Ginninderra and Brindabella.
It’s said to be the fairest system around. Except for the loris…

Not a loris, and not part of the ‘Robson Rotation System’


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