23 sleeps. Day 14. A ghost appears

The ACT election campaign’s ghost who walks, can never die is back tonight. After a couple of weeks on the back burner, the hospital data tampering scandal is back.
Late today ACT Health released the revised waiting time figures from the period the numbers were doctored. As expected it shows Canberra Hospital really wasn’t doing very well getting sick patients seen to.
Actually between 2008 and 2010 the figures don’t change much – in 2010 the number of emergency department patients seen on time fell just one per cent, from 63 to 62 per cent.
But it was the following year that the number tampering really kicked in. An emergency department that claimed to be seeing 58 per cent of patients on time, was actually only chugging 55 per cent through on time.
Katy Gallagher knew this day was coming, and just hoped it wouldn’t be too close to polling day. She’ll now have to wear a few more days of discomfort as the real inefficiencies of the hospital’s emergency department are laid bare.
Meanwhile the 74 brave, hardy souls willing to throw themselves at the mercy of the electorate were revealed today. No real shocks, no surprise last minute candidates.
Of more interest the order the parties will appear on the ballot paper. In the crucial electorate of Brindabella, where the Liberal Party is going all out to pick up a third member, they drew the crucial left hand column.
The Greens, who are facing an uphill battle to hold both seats in Molonglo, got a boost by drawing that electorate’s left hand column, and did the same in Ginninderra. A minor setback for Chic Henry’s bid to unseat Meredith Hunter.
What you lose on the slides, you pick up on the roundabout. Or the Robson ballot paper.

Some people eagerly await outcome of Robson Rotation System


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