21 sleeps. Day 16. That damn dam

Four years ago, in 2008, Hawthorn won the AFL grand final. Canberra’s loudest Hawks supporter, Andrew Barr, missed the game because of a family commitment. A couple of weeks later his party, with Green support, won the ACT election. It was a pretty good month for A. Barr.
Wind forward four years. Hawthorn is once again in a grand final, expected to win, and Barr is once again absent because of a family commitment. He’s been quietly confident for a few weeks of history repeating. Except it hasn’t. And in three weeks?
Meanwhile usually mild-mannered ACTEW boss Mark Sullivan had steam billowing out of his ears and nose today, over Liberal Party claims the new Cotter dam wall has a dangerous crack in it. He says the Lib’s Vicki Dunne is engaging in political muckraking and trashing the reputation of a damn good dam.
But Dunne is quoting from official documents and quoting some reputable blokes. Poppycock, says Sullivan. He says he was the one who first mentioned cracks, and subsequent tests have shown they’re superficial and there is no chance of Canberra being washed away.
Where there are nasty cracks, though, is in Labor’s infrastructure record. The Gungahlin Drive extension, the new prison and the Cotter dam to name but three have run over time and over budget. And the Liberal Party would have cracks in it’s own head if it didn’t remind voters at every available opportunity.
There have been whispers around for some time about the dam’s structure. Much of it is out of builder jealousy, but Sullivan himself has admitted there have been one or two problems. But claiming there’s a bloomin big crack in our bloomin big and bloomin expensive dam is another matter altogether.
That’s not to say if I see Mark Sullivan heading to the top of Mt Ainslie with a tent that I won’t be getting my crack up there as well.

Some water recently. Crack not shown


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