22 sleeps. Day 15. The train refrain

Alistair Coe pretty well killed off Liberal Party support for light rail today. On the 666 breakfast show he said support was unlikely “unless new information becomes available.” Given there’s been about umpteen reviews into light rail in Canberra, and enough reports kicking around to fill the little red caboose, one wonders where this new information might come from that would sway Coe and his colleagues.
Coe says its cost that’s scaring him off. And it is a big pricetag. The Greens are the only party to really embrace a comprehensive light rail plan. The Labor Party, even though its committed to a line between Gungahlin and Civic, has been on a long torturous route to arrive at this decision. It’s still not totally convinced it’s the right move, but it recognises the time for dipping the toe in the water is over.
The ACT Motorists Party is also against light rail between Gungahlin and Civic. It desperately wants Chic Henry to steal Meredith Hunter’s Ginninderra seat, and in turn the Libs are pencilling Henry in as a supporter to steal government. I tell you this just because it’s there to be told.
Speaking of Ginninderra, what is Marion Le’ up to? Her social justice party is running five candidates in the election, all in the seat of Ginninderra.. I have no idea what their policies are because they don’t appear to have a website, and I haven’t received a single media release from them.
What I do know is that five social justice party candidates will steal votes from Meredith Hunter. When Le’ put her hand up earlier this year, she expressed frustration with the Greens. But one wonders if she’ll be happy if she helps Chic Henry or a third Liberal into the assembly. That’s a very real possibility..

Three election candidates eye off a future train stop..


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