20 sleeps. Day 17. Feeling green. But not very

Way back at the start of the election campaign, Zed Seselja announced there’d be green bins for everyone under a Liberal government. It was a bold move, going much further than even the Greens. At the time some thought this signalled an all out attack by the Libs for the green vote. After all, to win Government the Libs need to pick up at least two seats from Meredith Hunter’s party.
But now, with less than three weeks to go, the Libs actually seem to be going all out to alienate every green voter in the territory.
Some time ago Seselja announced he would reverse the plastic bag ban which the Greens fought so hard to implement.
Last week transport spokesman Alistair Coe made it clear his party doesn’t want light rail. Again, this is big bikkies for the Greens and their supporters.
And today the trifecta. A Liberal Government will overturn a ban on wood heaters in the Molonglo Valley. The ban is in place because of concerns about air pollution and health concerns.
Seselja says new wood heaters don’t cause the same problem, and soaring electricity prices gives many no other choice.
Let’s be honest.. The chances of people who voted green at the last election voting Liberal this time round were slim at best. There’s even less chance now.
Seselja’s crash through or crash approach is incredibly ballsy. But he knows, despite what Meredith Hunter might say publicly, that the Greens will never help his party form government.
At the moment though his party is alienating every voter with even the slightest tinge of green. And history shows in Canberra, that’s a lot of voters.


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