19 sleeps. Day 18. Superheroes arrive

Gotham City has Batman, Metropolis has Superman, New York has Spiderman and after the ACT election, Canberra may well have ‘Pot-hole man’. Or men. Or people.
Yes, today Katy Gallagher pledged that, if re-elected, Canberra will have two new rapid response teams. Not to deal with emergencies, or security concerns, or disasters.
No, these rapid response teams will be dispatched at a moment’s notice to… fix potholes, pick up litter and clean up graffiti in highly visible areas.
It’ll cost $5m and employ nine ‘pothole and litter removal experts.’ It’ll respond to concerns raised by the community.
And it doesn’t end there. Gallagher is also promising to trial a program giving the community a say in how maintenance dosh is to be divvied up in their suburb.
It’s laudable to give the community more say in how their suburbs are maintained, which potholes are fixed, which lawns are mowed. But you only need to listen to Chief Minister talkback on 666 ABC Canberra on a Friday to get a feel for the divergent priorities of a community.
Surely this is not a cunning ploy by the Chief Minister to avoid CM talkback! Or post election will we see the Chief Minister turn up on a Friday with her caped ‘Pothole Man/Men/People’ ready for emergency deployment?
Exciting times indeed.

A section of a pothole-free Canberra road. From a long time ago


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