18 sleeps. Day 19. Prepare for the messiah..

So Julia Gillard dips her toe into the ACT election campaign next week. Katy Gallagher says she’s excited and thinks it’ll be a boost for Labor.
The Greens’ Christine Milne popped up earlier in the campaign to rally the troops. But there’ll be no Tony Abbott. Zed Seselja confirmed today Abbott has given no indication he’ll be popping in, and Seselja has no intention of inviting him.
Tomorrow the Greens pull out their big gun. Bob Brown, the most popular Green ever, will take a break from post-political life to campaign in the ACT. Brown is enormously popular in the territory. It was Brown, after all, who fought so hard to get the ACT the same voting rights as the rest of the country. His campaign to allow the ACT to set its own laws, especially when it comes to same-sex relationships, gained a lot of admirers.
Will he be able to boost the Greens? With every day that passes it seems more likely the Greens are going to lose a seat in Molonglo. The Liberal Party is increasingly confident it can win Amanda Bresnan’s seat in Brindabella (even though it would mean winning about 46 per cent of the vote).
And party leader Meredith Hunter must be feeling some heat from Marion Le and her four candidates in Ginninderra. Every vote Le takes from Hunter is a vote closer to the Motorist’s Chic Henry stealing a seat.
So Bob Brown will be greeted like the messiah many in the Green movement see him as. He better bring his heavy lifting gear.
Meanwhile the ACT Electoral Commission released the official donations and gifts register for our pollies. And which politician received the most valuable gifts in the 2011/12 financial year?
Labor’s Mary Porter! The popular Ginninderra politician received gifts totalling $4400 last year. Liberal deputy Brendan Smyth was the next most popular, racking up gifts totalling $3730.
Spare a thought for poor old Jeremy Hanson and John Hargreaves. They didn’t receive a single gift. Not even a free cup of coffee. Tough year.

A free meal recently consumed by an ACT politician. And declared on electoral return. Or my lunch.


2 responses to “18 sleeps. Day 19. Prepare for the messiah..

  1. Re comment on voting in Gininderra. Marion Le might hurt the Greens but conversely every vote that Henry gets is a vote that the Liberal Party won’t get and might not get back when preferences are distributed

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