17 sleeps. Day 20. Show sign, look sign, trash sign

The Libs put law and order on the ACT election agenda today. Traditionally it’s not a big issue in the territory because, despite what you might hear or some might think, it’s not really a big problem in Canberra.
A Liberal Government wants to increase penalties for assaults against our front line folk – our cops, nurses, ambos and the like. According to Zed Seselja there’s at least one assault a week, and the penalties handed out to the perpetrators are rubbish.
Does this sound familiar? It should do – the Liberal Party tried to introduce similar laws earlier this year, but found their policy was virtually friendless. Canberra’s top cop reckoned it would have no benefit, the lawyers also dissed it, and of course Labor and the Greens knocked it on the head.
No talk of increasing penalties for people who destroy election signs. The Labor Party is claiming their signs are being removed, vandalised and then tossed. They say its especially prevalent in Brindabella, where Labor candidates Joy Burch and Karl Maftoum have found their signs in various stages of disrepair. A Labor spokesman says its cost them about $2000 so far.
Judging by callers to 666 there won’t be too many voters upset with the demise of election signs. But coming off the defacing of some of Canberra’s public art earlier in the campaign, it does show a disturbing lack of tolerance. After all, one person’s Belconnen Owl is another’s Joy Burch poster.


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