15 sleeps. Day 22. Blogger brought into line

So if you are on twitter you might have noticed today Andrew Barr sending out a link to several glowing reviews of his tax reform package. And glowing they are. Respected financial commentator Michael Pascoe even nominated Barr for Treasurer of the Year.
As I pointed out last night, the changes have strong support from lots of influential bodies. The Business Council, the Property Council, the Chamber of Commerce, accountant groups. Everyone except the ACT opposition, who may well win the election if they can convince people Labor’s about to triple their rates.
Which was the point I was trying to make yesterday; I’m not doubting the importance of the changes. What I don’t understand is why a major party would introduce such major reforms on the eve of an election, without a plan to sell said reforms.
Anyway enough on that. The other big issue of this election campaign is health. This morning Katy Gallagher, Amanda Bresnan and Jeremy Hanson came together in the 666 breakfast studio to chew the fat on the big health issues. Chewing fat is, by the way, one of the main goals of all parties – zero growth, as Labor puts it.
What’s interesting is all parties claim they’re being approached secretly by doctors and nurses and patients frustrated with stuff. Different stuff. Hanson says these people are often in tears, crapped off with poor morale, sub-standard facilities, bullying, a lack of leadership and other work stresses.
Gallagher and Bresnan both claim they’re being approached by people very happy with the health system, but annoyed with Hanson for making health a political football.
I’ve no doubt all three politicians are telling the truth. You only have to read the texts and tweets I received this morning to see examples of both. And these are people with first-hand experience, either as patients or health workers.
Away from the cut and thrust of every day politics, most politicians get on quite alright with each other. Not this three. Bresnan and Gallagher don’t like Hanson, and Hanson couldn’t care less. It’s one of the most bitter battles of the campaign, with the potential for collateral damage.

Three politicians demonstrate the latest election fad, the ‘Hanson Sandwich’.


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