12 sleeps. Day 25. I like chocolate, but…

In the past couple of days, readers of this blog have doubled. Now that can mean a couple of things; that Canberrans are finally getting interested in the upcoming election, and have come here in the misguided hope they might learn something; or that my mum has finally learned how to use this ‘crazy-ass thing called the internets’.
I’m hoping it’s both, to be honest, because I want Canberrans to take this election seriously, even if it seems some of our politicians aren’t. And I also want my mum to embrace the internets, so she can discover, via search engine, that her son really does have his own radio show in Canberra. I know, even she finds it hard to believe.
Anyway, what about this whole ‘I like Katy, but…’ ad campaign the Libs are running now. I’m told Liberal Party doorknockers are getting a lot of the ‘I like Katy’ responses, but not so much ‘I like Labor’. Which is potentially a problem, because the party ran pretty hard against Gallagher earlier this year over the hospital data fiasco. And if now, on the eve of the election, it’s finding people still like her, it’s time for a change.
So tell people you like Katy too. But you aren’t turning cartwheels over her prowess as a politician. It’s an interesting strategy, but I’m assuming they want people to know even though everyone likes Katy, it’s ok to give her party a swift boot up the bot.
Meanwhile it’s only taken a month, but the Labor Party finally went on the front foot today against claims it’s about to triple your rates. It’s thrown together a website called realzed.com to expose what it says are Liberal Party lies. Some of the claims made on the website may be a little flaky themselves, but at least it’s giving ACT election lovers another site to browse on the internets.
The other big question focussing the minds of election freaks, of which I include myself, is will the Liberal Party submit its election commitments to treasury for costing? It’s already laid the ground work not to, by suggesting treasury can’t be trusted to get a lunch order right let alone crunch million-dollar election promises.
Who could blame it for not allowing those pinko lefties to rip its numbers apart. And if it did submit, and the pinko lefties do rip them apart, well it proves the party’s point. Treasury can’t be trusted.
On second thoughts, I don’t think I do want my mum to discover the internets. When it comes to elections, sometimes it’s easier not to be informed.

These people like Katy. But they also are friends with a green dinosaur and an octopus called Henry.


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