11 sleeps. Day 26. What was in that breakfast?

The Prime Minister dipped her toe into the ACT election campaign today. She sat alongside Labor leader Katy Gallagher at an $80-a-head breakfast, and when the opportunity came, talked up her prowess as a leader. As you would expect. I don’t know what they served up for breakfast, but it certainly fired the Prime Minister up for question time.
The breakfast also gave Gallagher another opportunity to ask ‘where’s Tony?’ Zed Seselja has said from the get-go he wants to focus on local issues, and there’s no need for Tony Abbott to be involved. He hasn’t asked, and he hasn’t been invited. Abbott’s popularity, or lack of, in the ACT is by-the-by.
One little problem. This Thursday there’s a $950-a-head fundraising lunch for the Canberra Liberals. What does $950 buy you these days? Lunch with merchant banker Malcolm Turnbull! Oh, and by the way, Turnbull is also a Federal coalition frontbencher. Oh, and also by the way, he is very popular in Canberra. 666 breakfast talkback callers of all political leanings often nominate Turnbull as the man they’d like to see as the next Prime Minister.
Maybe by ‘local issues’ Seselja means issues that the locals will find popular. Whatever the case, it does mean the Liberal leader needs to explain why it seems ok for Turnbull to be invited to help out, but Abbott remains locked in the cellar.
Meanwhile Labor has some explaining of its own to do. A Canberra Times investigation uncovered today serious issues at Yarralumla Nursery, and that three government-run businesses – the nursery, Capital Linen Service and the ACT Property Group – managed between them to lose ACT taxpayers close to $8 million last year.
Just a few years ago the same trio helped return a profit of more than $30 million. Something has gone very wrong.
The Government will argue it appointed new management this year to sort the mess out. But the Canberra Times also revealed the Gallagher government knew of the problems in September last year, but kept it quiet.
Both parties, it seems, have explaining to do. Will they? Probably not.

Some lucky flowers not at Yarralumla Nursery


One response to “11 sleeps. Day 26. What was in that breakfast?

  1. Yeah, and the Labor Party had a dinner fundraiser with Julia Gillard on 12 September. All the mud-slinging by the Labor Party towards Zed because he organises lunch with Malcolm or goes for a walk with Tony is a bit thin. Who cares?

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