10 sleeps. Day 27. Who is that masked man?

I’m confused. That’s not a scoop. I’m more confused than usual. Apparently Tony Abbott has been popping up to help out the ACT Liberal Party during this election campaign. Surely not the same Tony Abbott that Zed Seselja said wouldn’t be needed during the campaign because he wanted the focus to be on ‘local issues’.
Yep, one and the same. The last time was on Monday night. The Monday just gone. It was the second time that invisible Tony had materialised. Both were private fundraisers.
Which is a bit different to actually campaigning. The Abbott events were for the converted. People prepared to shell out some of their hard earned to rub shoulders with the leader of the opposition.
Does that mean when Seselja said (repeatedly) there was no place for Abbott in this campaign, he was being ridgy-didge with punters?
Katy Gallagher says no. Federal minister Bill Shorten accused Seselja today of having Abbott in a witness protection program. Abbott’s office, by the way, is claiming the boss will be appearing publicly in the last week of the campaign. I think this is news for Seselja. And not welcome news for so many reasons. He also says he’s been totally upfront with the voters.
Meanwhile Seselja was promising this afternoon the first of his policies will be sent to treasury for costing. About 15 policies would be submitted, although he was still waiting for some assurances from treasury on matters of ‘confidentiality’.
Watch this space…
Oh, and the Libs have also just launched their latest ad focusing on… Labor tripling your rates. This ad relies on a document produced by the ACT Ratepayers Association which says Labor’s lying.
Labor says the ad is a joke, pointing out the head of the ratepayers group, Peter Jansen, is a former Liberal Party candidate.

More Federal politicians are making appearances in the ACT election campaign


3 responses to “10 sleeps. Day 27. Who is that masked man?

  1. I so wish there was a none of the above box I could tick on the ballot paper. As usual I will be trying to work out who is least on the nose when I go to vote. I don’t trust any of them to actually do a ‘good job’. But for the life of me I can’t figure out how you reduce taxes and raise the services delivered without sacking public servants, selling assets or borrowing more. And all those options are on the nose.

  2. Tony will have to tone it down if he does appear in the campaign. The ACT campaign is notably restrained in tone and in the level of political abuse compared to Federal politics.

  3. To Fiona Brooke – trust someone at least to do a half decent job even if not a good one – even a half decent job would be a good deal better than people in a good proportion of the world get from their politicians. why do reckon we have a queue of people risking their life to get here?

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