9 sleeps. Day 28. You want to meet when???

I promise this will be the last time I write about this. To be honest, I was finished talking about it two days ago. But when someone knocks on my door, says ‘here’s a gift horse,’ I’m not going to look in its gob.
I’m talking, of course, of the campaign’s scarlet pimpernel, Tony Abbott. Two days ago he was still the bloke who was required to drive through Canberra with a bag on his head, just in case he was spotted in the vicinity of a local liberal candidate.
Then it emerged Abbott had actually removed the bag on at least two occasions, fronting up for a couple of Liberal Party fundraising knees-ups. When Seselja was asked if he’d told porkies to the voters, he said trotting out for a fundraiser was not the same as campaigning. I’m an understanding bloke – I decided that technically he was probably right, so I’ll let the matter go.
Except I thought I should just give the 666 breakfast listener the benefit of this wonderfully fascinating story, so this morning we rang Seselja’s people to ask if he’d be available for a chat about big Tony.
At 7.26am we got a text saying ‘Sorry Jo, Zed has an event this morning so can’t come on.’ Oh well, we thought, fair enough.
And he did have an event. He was out running around Lake Burley Griffin with Tony Abbott! I kid you not. If someone submitted this to the Chaser boys they’d reject it because it’s too far fetched. Only one journo, the Canberra Times’ Noel Towell, was told about the event. No pesky tv cameras, no nosy radio journalists.
Seselja was asked by Louise Maher on the 666 Drive program ‘why the secrecy?’ He told Maher it’s the way political parties work, giving certain stories to certain media outlets,and that sometimes it’s the ABC that gets the story.
Seselja made clear today Abbott’s lakeside saunter wasn’t his idea. It was Abbott who made the approach, and “I wasn’t going to say no to the federal Liberal leader.”
Maybe not, but he certainly wasn’t going out of his way to publicise the event. In fact besides running around the lake, there was also interference being run on the media.
And why did Abbott suddenly appear today? Surely it had nothing to do with his main rival, Malcolm Turnbull, popping into the campaign to attend a $950 a head fundraiser later in the day?
One other thing. We were told Seselja wasn’t available at 830 this morning to talk to me because he had an event. But at least two people spotted him in Civic listening to my interview with Katy Gallagher.
Lucky I’m not easily offended..
And that’s the last mention of this affair. Probably. Unless Abbott turns up handing out how-to-vote cards on Election Day.

The media await arrival of Abbott and Seselja after early morning tip off.


One response to “9 sleeps. Day 28. You want to meet when???

  1. Ross
    You are very charitable not being offended by Zed standing you up for Dr No. Ii would describe Zed’s choices as courageous in the Jim Hacker sense.

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