8 sleeps. Day 29. The doctor will see you not soon

So it’s been an okay week for the Labor Party. Its opponents managed to get themselves into all sorts of bother over the on again/off-again relationship with big Tony, which distracted everyone from anything else that might have been happening.
Then today comes the news of a man waiting 33 hours at Canberra hospital for a bed. Not three hours, not 13 hours – 33 hours waiting in emergency to get medical attention. He was seriously ill with cancer, had a cracked rib and pneumonia, and died the following month.
Once again the Health Department issued an apology. It’s done a lot of apologising lately. And once again attention is drawn to the health system in the ACT. The Health Minister of course is Katy Gallagher.
A week ago there was the story of another patient, this time an elderly woman, who also waited for 33 hours in emergency. Health also apologised to her.
This morning on the 666 breakfast show we focused on another portfolio where the Labor Government has performed poorly – community services. Seven years after the damning Vardon Report, and there’s still too many problems in that sector. The opposition claims, like health, there’s serious morale problems in the department. As with health, Labor denies it.
But the point is, health and community services deal with some of the most needy and vulnerable in our community. There are going to be people who fall through the cracks. The question confronting voters is have there been too many cracks, and has the government done enough to fix the problems.
By the way, about 24,000 ACT residents have voted already. This is a rise of about 40 per cent on four years ago. What this should mean is that on election night, within minutes of the poll closing, a press of the button should give us a pretty good idea of at least a dozen of the successful candidates.
That won’t be enough to determine by 630pm who will be our next Chief Minister. That, my very patient friends, could take several days..

The Liberal’s Vicki Dunne and Labor’s Joy Burch ponder the case of ‘the difficult portfolio’


One response to “8 sleeps. Day 29. The doctor will see you not soon

  1. Health, the gift that keeps on giving for all sides in this election, who ever win is going to have a major headache for the next 4 years.

    Just one question with the budget in deficit the spending announcements already made appear to put enormous pressure on the budget to use an old line where is the money going to come from?

    If its from existing budgets (which by definition are already overspent) what program’s or services do you cut to make this all add up?

    Or am I just being old fashioned?

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