4 sleeps. Day 33. Pick a number, any number

The Canberra Times is expected to have polling tomorrow ahead of this weekend’s ACT election. The Liberal Party and the Labor Party have been doing polling of their own. My bet is if you put the three polls along side one another they would all read vastly different.
As I wrote last night, the Libs polling shows they’re sitting on about 48 per cent of the vote in Brindabella, which is huge. It’s well and truly in the three MLA territory. The same poll shows the Greens’ Amanda Bresnan sitting on about nine percent – pretty close to a quota herself.
The Liberal Party polling suggests the Greens have no chance of retaining two seats in Molonglo.
The ALP’s polling, not surprisingly, tells a different story. It shows things are very close, with a big number of still undecided voters. Its polling in Brindabella has the Libs well short of 48 per cent, and also has a stronger showing for Bresnan. But it also shows the Greens unlikely to hold the second Molonglo seat.
So if there really is that big number of undecided voters still out there, who will it favour in the final days? You would have to think Labor and the Greens.
Why? Well the week started off with one of the authors of the Quinlan Tax Review accusing Zed Seselja of misrepresenting his work. He also stated categorically that rates would not triple under Labor’s reforms.
There’ll be focus in the next day or so on why the Liberal Party has submitted just 33 of its policies to treasury for costing. Seselja says that’s all of the party’s promises, bar ones made today, but compared to the Greens 174 policies and Labor’s 139 it all looks pretty minuscule.
And you can bet your bottom dollar in the last day or so of this election campaign, there’ll be claims of a funding black hole.
And, of course, there are the unknown unknowns. Remember Ralph Willis? Remember Colin Barnett? Last-minute stuff-ups do happen. Sometimes they can cost your party an election.
Don’t forget tomorrow morning the 666 breakfast show will broadcast from Bittersweet Cafe at Green Square in Kingston, in the Molonglo electorate. The excitement never stops.

Politicians need to find new tricks to gain the affection of voters in dying days of campaign


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