3 sleeps. Day 34. Friends indeed

Your intrepid blogger is coming to you tonight from function central, with a couple of hundred guests and not one mention yet of this weekend’s ACT election.
Wow, I hear you say, can I join you? No. This is my temporary sanctuary.
I wrote last night this might be a tough week for Zed Seselja. Well at lunch time today it got ugly.
That’s when someone at the Canberra Times punched a button and a set of numbers flashed up on its website. For Seselja they were hideous numbers.
The Times’s pollsters asked 1200 voters across the ACT’s three electorates who they thought would make the better Chief Minister. Just 26 per cent thought Seselja. 54 per cent thought Gallagher a better option.
We don’t have presidential style elections in the ACT, which is just as well for the Liberal Party. Seselja’s poll is a dramatic drop from four years ago when he got within one per cent of Jon Stanhope.
Seselja says the poll shows Katy Gallagher is still enjoying a honeymoon period. Gallagher says if this is a honeymoon, how does she file for divorce.
Tomorrow morning the Canberra Times will show polling for each electorate. Four years ago the same poll showed the Greens could win two seats in Monglo, and most dismissed it as a joke.
It should make for a feisty discussion when I bring Gallagher, Seselja and Meredith Hunter together in the 666 Canberra breakfast studio for probably the last leaders debate before Saturday. You won’t want to miss it.


4 responses to “3 sleeps. Day 34. Friends indeed

    • Zed never is rude and aggressive. He always gets on well with women. He has lost nothing to me or other women I know. In fact we believe that he is exactly what we need for this city.

  1. Someone must have been impersonating Zed on 666 this morning then. By the way anyone who is confident that the Liberal Party will win the election has a great chance to clean up by putting some money on that result. You can currently get $3.50 for every dollar you put down at the moment. Just saying …

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