1 sleep. Day 36. Finally

It’s election eve. I’m not going to bore you rigid with more pontificating about what might or might not happen tomorrow. Instead I thought I might tell you how the three leaders are spending election eve, and then highlight three lesser known candidates who would make our legislative assembly a much better place if they were elected.
Liberal leader Zed Seselja spent tonight walking through the Tuggeranong Hyperdome with his deputy, Brendan Smyth. The two then headed to Chisolm Vikings for a final pre-election beer.
Katy Gallagher chose to spend her final night of the campaign unwinding with family and a glass of wine.
I couldn’t find out what Meredith Hunter is up to. Maybe she’s taken the sensible approach and turned her phone off for the first time in weeks.
Way back at the start of the campaign I said what the assembly really needed from this election was some new faces. And after a week on the road with the 666 breakfast show I’m convinced there are some really good candidates who would do outstanding jobs if elected. Whether they will be is another matter.
The Liberal Party’s Elizabeth Lee has impressed a lot of people, and not just within her own party. Her Molonglo campaign has been strong, she’s a very accomplished public speaker, and smart. She’s a former lawyer who now lectures in law at the ANU.
Meegan Fitzharris has been one of the Labor Party’s strongest performers and has gained the attention of opposition parties. The former public servant and home-business operator has also worked the Molonglo electorate hard, especially in the Gungahlin area where she lives.
James Higgins from the Greens has shown the benefit of working as a staffer in the office of Federal Greens Senator, Larissa Waters. Another accomplished media performer, the Ginninderra candidate has impressed his colleagues with his passion and work ethic. He’s also had some interesting life experiences, living for many years in Cambodia.
There is a chance there’ll only be one new face in the Legislative Assembly come Monday – whoever replaces the retiring John Hargreaves. In many ways it would be a pity.
As for tomorrow? I’m really not sure. I think the Motorist Party’s Chic Henry is the key. If he doesn’t get elected in Ginninderra then the Liberal Party won’t be able to form Government. And all the polls are suggesting he won’t be elected.
I’m looking forward to what should be an exciting election night on 666 ABC Canberra from 6pm tomorrow.

A voter tries to contain his excitement ahead of tomorrow’s ACT election.


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