Day one. What do we do next?

Everyone now assumes Katy Gallagher will continue on as the ACT Chief Minister. It’s not an unreasonable expectation. Why would the Greens, even a decimated Greens, throw their weight behind a party that went all out to destroy them at this poll?
They probably won’t. They hated the Libs a long time ago. That animosity grew during the election campaign, and then the icing on the cake was ‘speechgate’ last night. That was when Zed Seselja decided to start his election night speech midway through Meredith Hunter’s address to the Greens’ faithful.
Hunter was fuming. Seselja says it wasn’t deliberate, more a cock-up. Whatever the reason, it was unprofessional and will make for an interesting opening line when Seselja and Hunter sit down to talk turkey.
The Greens will give Seselja one chance to make his case. He’ll already be like the proverbial snowflake, so if he’s serious about getting Green support he better have a compelling argument.
And he just might. He won’t offer a cabinet position. He’s already snookered himself there. My advice is he won’t even seek a formal agreement.
Experienced Libs believe the best chance is to play on the Greens’ conscience. Get them to guarantee supply, but to continue to support their own agenda. Maybe promise them the speakership.
It’s a long shot. A real long shot. But it’s the only shot Seselja has if he’s to keep his own integrity.
It’s much easier for Labor. It still has the highest vote in the territory, and it’s key policies are not a million miles from those of the Greens.
And Gallagher rang Hunter last night. Which is much nicer than trumping her speech.

Liberal Party celebrations have come in many different ways


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