4 Nights in Bangkok

ImageTalk about a small world. Today we bumped into a Canberra couple and their young son at one of the biggest shopping centres in Bangkok. Making it even spookier, they told me that just the day before they’d said “how would you like to live in this place like Ross Solly is going to?”

How indeed.

Anyway so far so good. Bangkok has its frustrations, and I’ve only been here less than a week. And there’s that slight problem with embracing democracy, but the locals tell me that’s the way it always is. So that’s reassuring.

Dodgy footpaths that bring prams to a shuddering halt, driving the handle into your groin, are annoying. Sometimes the smells are overwhelming, and the pollution, both noise and visual, is ever-present.

But the food is good, and cheap; the people are friendly, and tolerant of Bangkok newbies; and the city oozes adventure.

And they do left-field really well. Like drunk drivers (which it seems is a national pastime). They’re made to do community service. Not picking up rubbish or helping injured birds, but donating blood. The sort of blood even people who don’t need blood would crave.

Anti-government people had a practice run today ahead of the big Bangkok shutdown on January 12. Thousands of people joined in, not that I saw any of it. Things seemed to be going along just swimmingly in the very large shopping centre we chose to while away our Sunday.


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