5 Nights in Bangkok

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA1st world problems I discovered in my journeys around Bangkok central today..

It is very, very hard to buy a newspaper. Bangkok seems to be well served by two very reasonable, independent newspapers, the Bangkok Post and The Nation. It’s just that you can’t buy them anywhere.

They don’t have newsagents in Bangers. And the 7/11’s that pop up everywhere seem to stock only Thai-language jobbies.

And for a news junkie like myself, especially on the eve of what many are predicting will be the biggest protests the city has seen, its annoying. In a 1st world kind of way.

(I know many of you are now saying ‘you’re such a dinosaur, Ross, get your news off the net.. That would be fine, if indeed both said newspapers had a half-decent internet service.)

The other 1st world problem I discovered today, although I think it must be a concern also for those in the 3rd world, is that zebra crossings seem to exist for ornamental purposes only.

How else can one explain a family of optimistic Canberrans, including an obviously neglected five-year-old judging by his demeanour, waiting patiently at the edge of what definitely looked like a pedestrian crossing, observing that rather than slowing down, the traffic actually seemed to speed up?

Did I mention that in the week after Christmas about 365 people were killed in traffic accidents in Thailand? Frighteningly, I don’t think those statistics included pedestrians..


3 responses to “5 Nights in Bangkok

  1. Welcome to SE Asia Ross. I haven’t been to Bangkok, but what you are describing sounds exactly like Jakarta, where I have spent a considerable amount of time.

    Peter from Holder.

  2. Ross

    Enjoying your revived blog – you may need to add a few lines (change some others) in your “about” tab so that your ever growing global readership has some background to the current adventure.

    Look forward to the days to come.


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