6 Nights in Bangkok

ImageToday I spoke to two people who work for the ABC in Bangkok. And they have done for a very long time. Probably a couple of decades between them.

And for almost every day they’ve worked they’ve had to commute to and from the city. Five days a week. Two hours there, two hours back. And that’s on a good day. And they don’t have the benefit of 666 ABC Canberra to keep them entertained.

Luckily it didn’t take anywhere near that time to get to Liam and Georgie’s school today. Yes, they’ve started. Liam took to it like a duck to water, Georgie more like a badger to water.. But it’s early days.

The latest theory doing the Bangkok rounds is that the military has a cunning plan, which is no longer that cunning because it even made the local paper today, to mount a coup next week and take over the country..

Saturday is Children’s Day in Thailand, and apparently one of the big attractions for the kids is the chance to touch all the military hardware – tanks, helicopters, big guns, grenades, land mines..

The military says all the hardware it’s currently moving into Bangkok is for the benefit of the kiddies. It also says it has no intention of getting involved in the current political dispute. And that next time it rains in Bangkok, it’ll rain 10 baht notes..

The local paper (yes, I found one) has printed a survival guide for next week’s Bangkok shutdown. Among its suggestions;

1. Buy a motorbike.

2. Open a bicycle repair and accessory shop.

3. Set up a food and beverage home delivery business.

4. Wear comfortable shoes..

God only knows where I’m going to find comfortable shoes at this late stage..


3 responses to “6 Nights in Bangkok

  1. Hi Ross, I think this posting is going to be challenging. Not quite the holiday one imagined you were destined for. You are in Bangkok in very interesting times though – surely there’s a book in it. I am interested in your daily posts – thanks. Life on the airwaves is not the same anymore but we are all glad you are on yet another great adventure and sharing it with us.

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