Election day Bangkok

Twas the night before polling day, and on the streets of Bangkok people were shooting at each other..

Probably explains why election day in Bangkok was deadly quiet. Foreign governments had advised their citizens to stay indoors, and mostly they did.  A kids playground which two Sundays ago was swarming with children was empty.

It seems even the Thais stayed away. A worker at one polling booth, who openly admitted she was a member of the anti-government yellow shirts, told me that at the last election she was so busy she didn’t have time for a toilet break. Today she had time to build her own toilet.

You’re probably wondering why, if she’s a member of the yellow shirts, was she working at a polling station? She told me she was a teacher at a Government school, and that she and her fellow staff were all ordered to work by the Principal. They got paid 350 baht for their time, which was an increase from the 300 baht she was paid last time round. But don’t worry, she told me; as soon as voting closed she was off to join fellow protesters at a road block in the next suburb.

She also claimed she was at the shooting the previous evening, and saw the bloke who started it. Not surprisingly, she told me he was a member of the pro-government red shirts.

I have no idea who’s telling the truth about anything here.


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