Some lucky enough to vote still managed to stuff it up


This probably best captures the state of Thai politics at the moment; the caretaker Prime Minister, Yingluck Shinawatra, put her ballot papers in the wrong boxes yesterday.

She’s fessed up, not that she had any choice because there’s footage of the stuff up in wide circulation. Such is the state of politics in this country today.

The Thai army chief was so desperate to avoid the waiting media when he voted that he forgot to collect his identity card before scampering off.

Some figures started coming through from Sunday’s election which back up my feeling yesterday that voters had stayed away big time.

Less than 50 percent of eligible Thai voters made the effort to register their vote, down from 75 per cent in the 2011 election. Granted, it’s pretty hard to perform your democratic duty when your polling station has been shut down. It’s also not much of an incentive to go out and cast your vote when people are shooting at each other. At random.

Officials claim about 6 million Thais were prevented from voting, and the process was disrupted in 69 of Thailand’s 375 electoral districts. Others estimate up to 12 million people didn’t get a chance to vote, in a country with a population of just under 70 million.

People returned to the streets of Bangkok today. The protesters are still there, although numbers have dropped and a couple of protest sites seem to have disappeared.

There wasn’t a lot of smiling faces. Perhaps they’d read the same headlines as me; that the most likely outcome of Sunday’s election is it will be declared null and void.


One response to “Some lucky enough to vote still managed to stuff it up

  1. Lindsay Murdoch in today’s SMH (26 Feb) says tourists should not go to Bangkok at all, really dangerous, and tourists unaware of danger of going to protest sites. Hope you and family doing OK. But, whose responsibility to advise/protect tourists-visitors (i.e. one tourist said there should have been signs warning of danger, etc.). Or is it up to the visitor to be aware, hyper-aware? Enjoying your weekly convos with Adam Shirley.

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