The ghost of Joh surfaces in Thailand

Living in a country under military coup was already surreal enough; now it’s verging on the ridiculous.

Last week two British tourists were bludgeoned to death on a Thai island resort. The Thai police, who have proven themselves incredibly capable and over-officious in tracking down and locking up poor souls who dare offend the Monarchy, have shown Keystone cop qualities when it comes to dealing with brutal murders.

And overseeing it all is Thailand’s new Prime Minister, the head of the military junta who trampled over the democratic wishes of the Thai people, gagged the media and appointed his cronies to positions of influence.

General Prayuth weighed in with this observation after the violent deaths of the male and female holiday makers.

“There are always problems with tourist safety,” he said.

“They think our country is beautiful and is safe so they can do whatever they want, they can wear bikinis and walk everywhere.

“Can they be safe in bikinis … unless they are not beautiful?”

General Prayuth has since apologised, but the incident has tested his relationship with the already stifled media.

Now there are more revelations that underline while Joh Bjelke Petersen may well be long gone, his spirit lives on.

The good General has told a gathering he recently doused himself from head to toe in holy water, to ward off curses his enemies had put on him.

And today we learn General Prayuth, who has been a real hands-on leader, but has been criticized for not consulting enough, has indeed been a consulting.

A fortune teller.

“There’s no harm in listening to fortune-tellers,” he told the media on Tuesday.

“Fortune- telling is an art. But if a fortune-teller tells a person that they will be rich and then they stay in bed all day, then what is the use?”

“I listen to their words. They warn me that I might clash with the media,” he said.

What would Joh do next?


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