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I used to present the breakfast show on 666 ABC Canberra. Did so for nine years. People say I have a great face for radio.
But in a futile attempt to prove them wrong, I also filled in as the Friday night presenter of 730 ACT. I also chat daily, at about 730am Perth time, with Eoin Cameron on his breakfast show, and every Wednesday at about 320pm with Adam Shirley on 666ABC Drive.
I’m the author of two books, one about soccer (football) in Australia, the other about the Commonwealth Games. And I write a weekly column, usually about ACT politics, in the free magazine Canberra Weekly.

I have lots of opinions and lots of ideas. Most lack any logic or substance.


3 responses to “About

  1. Your readers have doubled perhaps because Antony Green linked to it on the elections page, where we traditionally go for info on the election. (That’s where I found out about it).

  2. Happy birthday Ross,
    I can get by without Eoin but always return from my 6-8km walk in time to hear you on 720.

  3. Ross, thanks to Louise, I heard about your blog. So lovely to keep in touch! So lovely to know you’re probably having cooler weather than us!!! I’m perspiring in front of my computer at 10.10 pm. It was 47, not 37, in my car today at 1.15 pm after visiting my mother in her nursing home at Narrabundah.
    xxx Pat Worthy

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